i am back

hello virtual world!!!
i couldn't remember the last time that i made an entry to my blogs. boo to me.
i dunno why it happened that i suddenly forgot my blogging world, but no worries now because i'm back.


why is it too hard to compose something from my mind right now? it's maybe because it's already way too long since i've had my last blog.

yesterday, i got off early from work because i'm heading home to bataan. on my way to MRT, i sat beside a grandchild and a grandma on the jeep on ayala avenue. this grandchild was talking about pet society to her grandma. i just wish that grandma understands what her grandchild was talking about. oh well, i know it's none of my business but it just annoyed me. haha. this kid was saying that he is already the administrator of the pet society. duh! do you earn something from being an administrator of a virtual social pet network? come on, tell me, tell me! yeah, i was just mean. haha.

i'll type whatever comes to my mind.

bed. shower. shoes. starbucks. movie marathon. laptop. sleep.

it's my brother's high school graduation tomorrow!

i am so excited for my brother!

i still remember the days that i had when i had my own graduation.

yesterday, me, my sister and brother are talking about graduation details that we had. we all three went to the same schools from elementary to high school and we share the best memories during our high school graduation. by the way, my mom and her sisters also went to the same alma mater. (loyalty award)

from my mom's batch to my sister's graduating batch last year, we all sang the same songs. haha! we had sung the songs, graduation day, alma mater dear and bnhs hymn. wow. decades after decades these songs live. actually, our mom still knows the lyrics of the songs. haha. and this year, another graduate from our family will sing those songs again, tomorrow.

funny when we get old then our children will also sing those three songs.

congrats brother dear!


dream on!

If I get to have a boyfriend, I want him to do special things for me.
If we get into a fight, I want his peace offering something extraordinary like sending me a bunch of goodies with notes on it.
If he wants to get my attention, he'll spiel in nice lines from a movie.
If he has a camera, I want him to let us pose with nice romantic shots which will let others envy us.
I want him to sing to me songs and that requires him to have a very good, good voice.
I also want him to play the guitar while he sings until I fall asleep.
If he'll propose for marriage, I want it to happen in a very special place and he'll invite to witness those people who know us.
Oh. I want him do that, whoever he will be. :D


triumphant faith

Triumphant faith was the topic in church (CCF) this morning.
I will live to have that triumphant faith.
I will pray that God will stretch out my faith more and more.
Our home church, CDC, will start it's building project in this near future.
I will pray that God will really help me pledge for the building fund.


pouring out my sentiments

i am now thinking about the idea of being in one roof again with xai and carmela. they said this idea when we were in rockwell. i hope their idea is still 'that" idea because it seems that i need to be with them badly.

para na akong hangin pag nandito sa apartment.


kaninang umaga pagkagising ko, while in the kitchen, sabi ng isa kong housemate (let's name her "A", aalis na daw dito sa apartment yung isa naming housemate (and let's name her "B"). sabi ko, "bakit?" sabi ni A kasi daw nahihirapan na si B. sabi ko ulit bakit. sabi ni A, "wala ka bang idea?" sabi ko, "wala". in my thoughts, "bakit ko pa itatanong kung may idea ako."

sasabihin na sana ni A yung reason, mejo nag-aalangan pa nga siya na sabihin, sabi nya she doesn't want to meddle with us dahil daw hindi naman nya kami kilala pareho pero dahil siya ang pinakamatanda sa house... (naputol, dumating kasi si B).

hindi na natuloy ni A yung sasabihin niya.

in my mind something goes on. si B kasi churchmate ko siya. and she has this intuition na i was the reason kung bakit nalaman ng mama niya na nagkikita pa sila ng ex niya.

last sunday kasi tinext nya na sa akin yon at pinaghihinalaan nya talaga ako na sinusumbong ko sya sa nanay niya which is not the case.

i feel so bad.

napagbibintangan ako ng mga bagay na hindi ko naman ginagawa.

lalo na sa mga ganung issue.

hindi ko ugali makialam sa issue ng iba.

i want my name to go clean.

wala akong ginagawang masama.

ayoko ng pinagbibintangan.



I was sick for the past week. Really, really sick. I have cough and colds. *achoo*

Sana nextweek wala na to. Ang hirap kaya magwork ng sinisipon at inuubo. Ang hirap magfocus

May crush ako sa office! Yey!

I will rest this weekend!
I will really, really rest!



Clark Kensington.

I still don't have a picture of it with me because I left my digicam at home. I am trying to take a shot of it with my ever loyal VGA cam phone but it's too dark.

I just want you to meet my first personal investment that I really want. :)


top ten jobs that i want to land on

an astronaut - when i was a kid, this was the first dream i wanted to fulfill, whenever someone asked me of what i wanna be when i grow up, i proudly told them, "an astronaut!" maybe this was the result of learning your first alphabets like A is for astronaut!

a librarian - to be with books is so much fun!

a typist - in gradeschool, i was so amazed with people who could type with their 10 fingers at a maximum speed. i didn't think i would also have that typing skill.

a newscaster - when i was in late elementary grades that was the time that i thought of pursuing this dream. this was one drive why i got the keys to the gates of UP. take a peek on my the class prophecies in elementary and high school, being a newscaster i what i really wanted.

a photo editor - this just started when i learned how to use adobe photoshop back in the early college days but originally, might have started since i was three or four when i learned to use the scissors for cutting peoples' heads from pictures. haha!

a video editor - i am really precise that i am a visual learner. watching tv commercials and effects contributes a lot of influence on this. another factor why i pursued my degree!

a teacher - i just loved the job when i got involved in it last year but things had to change. i left the job but still i teach kids on an on-call basis.

a script writer - i really love to write stories but i usually run out of words. o_O

a professional photographer - i love to capture stills but vivid moments. i told you i am fascinated of visuals.

a full time missionary - nothing beats the heartbeat of God, especially when He prompts you that this is your higher calling.

*and a banker didn't come into the list but i am one now. i think the money that i'll earn from this bread and butter could help me land some of those on the list one day!



i want to write a lot of stuffs coming in and out of myself but i could not compose the right words to sum everything up.


i don't want this feeling. i hate a cluttered mind. i don't know where to start.


i went home to bataan. then i had my smallville season 7 marathon. [i can't imagine, i am doing this fanatic mode since 2002] oh mahn! seven years and counting of smallville marathon. arghhh! i could not deny, i am still that girl who dreams to meet tom welling as the clark kent character.

i just finished season 7 last night and my brother and i are having a hard time to download the season 8, episode 1. hate those servers. hmp!


love? love. love!

i'm single but happy in this "couple's world."


two of the guys i know sent their interests on me but sorry dudes, i am reserving this for someone. :P [i just want to say to those two guys, "requirement ko kasi college grad and has a stable job.haha"]

as of now, it is still reserved for him. i am praying and waiting. and you two should also pray. haha.

happy to hear your intentions but know your priorities first. [aral muna kayo.]


26th of february. i need to mark my calendar. already marked my calendars.

i have three calendars.
calendar on my mobile.
calendar on my office desk.
starbucks planner.

i'm really waiting for this day.